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  • Warranty

  • Window Man Inc. has selected a high quality, energy efficient vinyl window system. We warrant to the original purchaser of our American Vinyl Replacement Window, that this product, under normal use and service, will be free of manufacturing and/or material defects as long as you own and reside in the home in which the windows were in-stalled. There is a one-time free transferable warranty to the new homeowner.

    Replacement Window Warranty Brochure


    The vinyl components in the window are warranted against blistering, peeling, pitting, flaking or corroding during the lifetime of the window.


    Condensation on windows is a natural result of humidity within the house and does not indicate a defect in the window. Consequently, condensation is not covered in the warranty. Additional information on condensation is available upon request.


    The mechanical parts such as locks, tilt latches, vent locks and balances are warranted against defects in material and workmanship during the lifetime of the window.


    Window Man Inc. warrants all labor related to the installation of your new vinyl windows.


    The screen materials are warranted during the lifetime of the window. Only fiberglass screening is warranted against rust, rot or staining. The warranty shall be limited to providing new screening and/or frame materials for any manufacturing defects in the screen. Screens and windows are designed to be reasonable to insect infiltration. Under extreme conditions, neither can completely prevent penetration by insects. Consequently, we do not guarantee against this occurrence. Window screening mesh is not warranted against tears.


    Uniform fading and color change in the vinyl materials are the result of the normal weathering and aging process and are therefore not covered by this warranty. Coated exterior colors and laminated products will carry a 10 year warranty against cracking, peeling, delaminating, blistering and flaking.


    The sealed insulated glass unit is warranted against defects resulting in material ob-struction of vision from film formation caused by dust or moisture in the dead air space of the sealed unit during the lifetime of the window. Should the insulated glass fail during this period, as a result of the above-mentioned defects, Window Man Inc. will provide you a replacement insulated glass. Small scratches, marks or spots that are not reasonably controllable in the manufacturing of the insulated glass and/or internal grids are not considered defects and thus are not covered under the warranty.


    Glass will not break or crack for the lifetime of the window. This warranty is limited to acts of nature and vandalism. The warranty does cover accidental breakage by the homeowner. This warranty applies to all glass except tempered glass. The glass breakage portion of the warranty does not apply to investment or commercial properties (I.E. Rentals, Flips, Apartments, Hotels, etc.,). You must own and live in the home for this portion of the warranty to apply.


    All warranty claims should be submitted to Window Man Inc. in writing, email or by calling our office.

  • Alarm Systems

    Removing and re-assembly of alarm systems are the responsible of the property owner. Window Man Inc. is not responsible for the removal or installation of any alarm devices. Alarm devices should be applied to new windows using adhesive. The warran-ty of Window Man Inc. windows will be null and void if any alteration, including penetration (screws, nails, etc.) is made to any part of the window.