Window Man Inc. is proud to offer the finest in vinyl, wood and plank siding. If your old aluminum siding has seen better days or you are wanting to upgrade your home to a lovely and decorative vinyl siding look, we can help. Plenty of colors to choose from, 20, 30, and 40 year warranties, and installation is always neat and professional. When you call us for a quote or estimate, you’ll get an exact price from us while we are there. And that price will be complete, No extras or hidden charges.

Don’t forget about your soffit and fascia maintenance. Those overhangs are no fun to clean or paint, but they do have to be maintained or bad things can happen. Why not have Window Man Inc. install beautiful maintenance free soffit and fascia covering over those areas and put that paint brush away forever. Vinyl soffit covers and fascia covers come in a multitude of colors and can be the perfect finishing touch when installed with new vinyl siding.

Keep in mind that Window Man Inc. works with all major insurance companies. When storms hit your home with their fury and cause your siding to suffer hail damage, we can navigate thru the insurance maze with ease. If you have siding damage from hail or ice, let Window Man Inc. take care of your insurance dealings.

Don’t trust your home to some out of state construction company that comes into town right after a storm, promises you the moon, and once the claim is settled, they are gone like donuts at a USO stand. You want to work with a solid, local, family owned and operated company with 20 years in business. that you know will be there if you ever need them in the future. Can you say that about some storm chasing company based 400 miles away? We doubt it.