Egress Windows

Window Man Inc. will install quality code compliant egress windows to ensure your new basement is up to code for all future inspections!

If you are considering a basement renovation, excellent idea! However, if a new bedroom is part of your plan, in case of fire, an egress window is code. At least one window in each bedroom must be of sufficient size to permit the occupants the ability to escape a fire, and to allow a fully outfitted firefighter (with oxygen tank) to enter. City/County Codes and regulations simply will not allow a basement bedroom without one. Due to Egress Code being a more recent ruling in many parts of Indiana, most existing basements were not built with egress windows.

Window Man Inc. can solve this problem for you by adding a window that is specifically designed for egress use and meets all Indiana code requirements for egress.

Did you know Egress windows increase light and livability in your basement and substantially increase the value of your home!

According to a 4-year study by the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 130 people were killed and 940 injured in below-grade residential fires each year and an average of 18,200 fires a year were reported in lower level living areas during the time period studied.