Did you know egress windows increase light and livability in your basement and substantially increase the value of your home?

Window Man installs quality code compliant egress windows to ensure your new basement is up to code adding safety and living space while increasing the value of your home.

Embarking on a basement renovation is a fantastic idea! However, if your plans include adding a new bedroom, it’s crucial to consider safety regulations. In the event of a fire, an egress window is not just a recommendation but a code requirement. Every bedroom must have at least one window of sufficient size to allow occupants to escape and enable a fully equipped firefighter to enter.

City/County Codes and regulations strictly mandate the inclusion of egress windows in basement bedrooms. This is a relatively recent ruling in many parts of Indiana, and as a result, most existing basements lack these crucial safety features.

At Window Man, we have the solution to ensure your basement meets all safety and code requirements. Our team can add a specially designed egress window that complies with Indiana regulations, even in spaces without current windows. What sets us apart is our commitment – we never hire subcontractors. Our experts handle the entire job from start to finish, ensuring a seamless installation in just one day. Prioritize safety and compliance with Window Man Inc. for your egress window needs in Indiana.

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