Need a new roof? The experts in our roofing division can help!

Here at Window Man Inc., we believe that your roof is the unsung hero of your home. Think about it. Your residential roof stands between you and all the elements that Mother Nature can throw at you. Rain Snow, Ice, Hail, Wind. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We handle the finest in residential roofing products to help your roof stand tall. Whether you need basic three tab shingles or the latest in dimensional shingles, we can provide either style at very competitive prices. With warranties that can extend to 40 years, these great products could be the last roof you’ll ever need!

Keep in mind that Window Man Inc. works with all major insurance companies. When storms hit your roof with their fury and cause your roof to suffer hail damage, we navigate through the insurance maze with ease.

  • If you have roof damage from hail or ice, let Window Man, Inc. take care of your insurance dealings. Don’t trust your roof to an out of state roofing company that comes into town after a storm, promises you the moon, and ditches you after.
  • You want to work with a trustworthy, local and family owned company with over twenty years in business experience. Can you say that about some storm chasing company based 400 miles away? We doubt it.