What Causes Condensation Inside Windows?

If you’ve noticed an increase in the amount of condensation on your windows, you’ll probably be wondering what is causing it and how you can stop it, especially as a lot of condensation on your window frames, windowsills and walls can lead to problems with mold and staining. Thankfully, finding the cause of condensation is fairly straightforward and once you’ve identified the problem, there are several steps that you can take to minimise condensation and make your home mold free. So what does cause condensation? Condensation occurs when the warm, moist air inside your home meets cold surfaces like windows or exterior walls and condenses back into water. Condensation is most noticeable on windows because they are normally the coolest surfaces in [...]

Why Gutters Overflow?

Gutters get clogged due to the debris, leaves, seeds, needles, twigs and unwanted dirt. Clogged gutters restrict water to flow freely from the roof to the ground. Clean and maintain the clogged gutters to avoid water back up and gutters to overflow. Gutters are an important part of every home as it diverts water away from the roof through the pipes to the drainage system. If gutters are not well-maintained then clogged gutters can harm the gutter life. Clogged gutters can overflow from the roof to the ground. When water overflows into the unwanted areas, it can damage the surrounding environment. An overflowing leads to water backup and can crack on the walls and furnishings. Overflowing and leaking gutters can [...]

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Replacement Windows

Is your home too cold and drafty during winter? Or too hot during summer? Your windows could have something to do with that. Make your home more cost-effective and energy efficient by using replacement windows. Find out why these windows could be just the solution you’re looking for. Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Replacement Windows Before a window was simply a part of the house primarily used to let one see what’s going on outside. But nowadays homeowners are asking a lot more functionality from their windows. Windows are now expected to do just what we hope to get from our abode:  protect us from the environmental elements outside. That is, keep us warm during cold days and [...]

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