Is your home too cold and drafty during winter? Or too hot during summer? Your windows could have something to do with that. Make your home more cost-effective and energy efficient by using replacement windows. Find out why these windows could be just the solution you’re looking for.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Replacement Windows

Before a window was simply a part of the house primarily used to let one see what’s going on outside. But nowadays homeowners are asking a lot more functionality from their windows. Windows are now expected to do just what we hope to get from our abode:  protect us from the environmental elements outside. That is, keep us warm during cold days and cold on warm days. Pretty simple, don’t you think?

The thing however, is, not all windows have the properties to do this. How many of us have had to retreat to the confines of a cooler basement in the summer? Or found our home drafty in the winter? These situations don’t exactly make for the most comfortable living conditions, do they? If you are experiencing the same problems in your home, don’t worry. There’s a simple solution to this predicament. And no, it doesn’t involve packing up and finding a new house. Just these: replacement windows.

Replacement windows – What are they? 

If your house is getting to cold or too hot depending on the season, or if your electricity bill is just too high, chances are, your windows are not working as efficiently as they should. When this happens, then it’s time to literally go “window shopping.”

Replacement windows come in many different styles, to fit almost any window type and need. As the name suggests, replacement windows are those that you substitute your old windows with for the purpose of making your home more cost and energy efficient.  For this reason, replacement windows are usually insulated glass units or double-pane windows. While single-pane windows still have some use in certain types of houses and climates, they are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

What makes an insulated replacement window ideal for today’s need is that it consists of two glass panels with air space between them – effective for keeping the heat or cold out or in, whichever way you want it.

Replacement windows for energy efficiency

With the increasing emphasis on energy conservation and energy efficiency these days, replacement windows addresses all these concerns, not only making life better for the homeowner, but also helping to preserve our world for future generations.

Different materials used and the technology applied on replacement windows largely determine how efficient these are going to be. First, the glass panes could be coated or not. Glass panes that are applied with a thin coating of metallic oxide that helps to  prevent heat from passing through are called “Low e” or low emissivity glass.

Manufacturers also put gases in between panes to further delay the movement of heat in the air space. Argon and Krypton make for the most efficient and expensive windows, while dehydrated air is contained in the more affordable types. For spacing material, aluminum used to be commonly used although as this is a heat conductor, stainless steel, composite metal, and rubber are now being used as well. Finally, the window frame material itself is also contributory to the efficiency level of the windows. Window companies commonly use metal frames, wood, or vinyl-clad wood for this purpose.

The right combination of all these factors can make for replacement windows that will not only make your home warm and comfortable, but keep the bills down as well.

Looking for the right replacement windows 

Before going out and actually making that purchase, make sure you have your window replacement basics down pat. Find out what styles there are available and which fit your house and your budget perfectly. Then when you’ve narrowed your list down to a few types, go out and a do a “hands-on” test of these windows and see which have the best feel to it.

Remember that energy efficient windows make your house more attractive, more comfortable, allows you a lot of savings, and increases the value of your home. So go ahead and invest on good replacement windows because in the long run, it will be well worth it.

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